I spent some time a while back working the counter at Yo Got It Yogurt Lounge in Point Pleasant Beach as part of my Jersey Shore's Toughest Jobs series. (Click here to see the video.) I was back there last night for a Thursday night party and it was a great time!

We had the chance to meet some visitors from out of town, and of course, plenty of people from Monmouth and Ocean counties who stopped by to say hello and enjoy the yogurt and atmosphere at You Got It Yogurt Lounge.

If you haven't been there yet, you should check it out. They have video games in the upstairs lounge and a great staff. You can even have a party there for the kids, and they'll love it!

Yo Got It Yogurt Lounge is near the intersection of Route 35 South and Arnold Ave. in Point Pleasant Beach. Thank you to everyone at Yo Got It Yogurt for having us there for the party!