Squan Strong started as a one day coat and supply drive. But since Superstorm Sandy, it has grown into a much larger and vital non-profit dedicated to aiding those at the Shore effected by the hurricane. Now after after Saturday's Jersey Shore Kilt Run, it's likely Squan Strong will land in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Officials say that more than 3,000 kilted participants showed up for the first ever Jersey Shore Kilt Run in Manasquan. While still unofficial, that would demolish the current record for a "kilt run" held by Perth Running Goats Club of Ontario at 1,764.

94.3 The Point's own Stephanie Coskey took part in the race!

94.3 The Point's Stephanie Coskey crossing the finish line at the Jersey Shore Kilt Run on Saturday (photo: Stephanie Coskey, Townsquare Media)

In order for participants to qualify for the record, the kilt had to be official. That meant pleats were in the back, the front was a flat apron, that the fabric was plaid and had two buckles securing them. In addition, runners had to wear official race bibs, and have their wristband scanned before and after the race.

While there were kilt pros like pipe and drum bands and other area organizations, many had never worn a kilt before. Spectators said there were volunteers running around frantically with safety pins "securing" everyone before the race. There were even kilted Stormtroopers who took part.

94.3 The Point's Stephanie Coskey with her husband Tom (L) and "The Kilted Stormtroopers" (photo: Stephanie Coskey, Townsquare Media)

The 5K run/walk began just after 11:30 at the Brielle-Manasquan little league field, continued down the Inlet and back.

94.3 The Point's Stephanie Coskey and her sister Amy (R) at the Jersey Shore Kilt Run (photo: Stephanie Coskey, Townsquare Media)

The day ended with a celebration at Edgar's Pub. Officials say it could take weeks before they get word back from Guinness on whether the record was set.

YouTube user Bob Alberding captured video of the run.