You eat right, exercise, moisturize, and try to keep Mother Nature at bay...but have you thought about your hair when it comes to looking young...or old?

Here are six hair mistakes that make you look older:

1. Blunt Bangs. Heavey fringe can close off your face and make your eyes look small, so go for a broken up, feathery look.

2. Frizz. Those natural curls can make you look frazzled if they're not given special treatment. Make sure your hair is getting fully conditioned for shine and health.

3. A Style that's Too Coiffed. Stiff, vintage styles can add years to your look. Don't tease and spray 'til it starts to look like a helmet. Stay youthful by toning down the volume and let a few pieces and flyaways do their thing.

4. Flat Iron Overload. Stick-straight hair can look harsh on a mature face, while waves add a flattering softness.

5. Dark, One-Dimensional Color. Dyed blak hair can make you look ashen, so try a deep mahogany borown instead.

6. Over-Lightened Hair. Overbleaching will wash out your complexion and dry out your hair.

7. Juvenile Styles. Braids and pigtails are very in style, but stay away unless you're positive you can pull off the look, which simply highlights the fact that you're not a kid anymore. (Do you agree with this one?!!!)