There are great food combinations in this world, and for many the favorite is orange and vanilla, usually in the form of an ice cream pop, or orange soda with scoops of vanilla. Here's my all-time favorite combo:

I am all for celebrating Creamsicle Day...and so I will take my boys to our favorite Italian ice shop, Strollo's in Belmar, where we will no doubt see many dishes of their orange ice paired with their soft serve vanilla today.

But the combo that is my absolute favorite is chocolate and peanut butter. Especially homemade peanut butter ice (as creamy as any gelato I've ever had) smothered in hot fudge at Strollo's. There is something about that combination, at that place, that gets me every time. To the point that, even on National Creamsicle Day, I will be having a peanut butter and chocolate combination : )

What's your all-time favorite flavor combo?