After all the trash talk last week, it came down to one thing. Who would win the harness race at Freehold Raceway that would give the victor bragging rights as the greatest harness driver in the history of our moning show?When your opponent says she doesn't want to go fast, you feel pretty confident you're going to win the thing. So there we were, on the legendary track at Freehold Raceway warming up the horses that would help us settle once and for all who the best harness driver on the morning show really was. 

We approached the pole and the race began. I was moving along briskly, figuring I had left Liz in the dust. About a third of the way through the quarter mile race, I glanced over my shoulder to see just how far ahead I was and I saw something just a few feet behind me. And it wasn't supposed to be there. It was Liz, and she was closing in fast.

I started yelling all the words I thought my horse would understand. "Heeeeee Yahhhhhhhh!!" Then I tried "yaaaahhhhh yahhhhhh." Finally, I settled on , "Come on buddy, I CAN'T lose this thing!!"

Lou Russo, Townsquare Media

He heard me just in time, and I won by a half length. About twelve lengths less than I thought I would win by. You know what they say, a win's a win. I may just retire now, while I'm on top of my sport!

This all happened at the Open Space Pace at Freehold Raceway. Get all the info on this great organization by visiting    

We'll post the video of the exciting finish of our race a little later this morning!