I had the worst retail shopping experience yesterday. It was so bad that I will never go back to that store.

I am usually the girl that stays calm in a store. I realize that there are other shoppers, all in a hurry, and that carts will collide, items will be out of stock, lines at check out could be long, and customer service could be bad. At times. But yesterday was the last straw for one store to which I have given several chances.

I have tried shopping at this particular store every so often over the past five years simply because it is convenient and because it's in a shopping center with other stores that I go to.

Over the past couple of years, despite this particular chain being sold to another chain (which, you'd think, should have improved the quality of the store) this store has continued to disappoint me.

I normally like shopping. I am not usually rushed or in a bad mood when I go shopping. But this store has, more than one time, left me with a headache and wanting to scream my head off.

I kept going back thinking that it couldn't possibly be all that bad on every single visit, but yesterday was the straw that broke the camel's back for me.

Time and again, this store seems to have no management that is visible or called when there's a problem, a question, or a long line. This store has downright rude employees, or employees that seem clueless and uncaring. They move so slowly that you wonder if they're even ever taught anything about a work ethic or customer service. They don't smile. They simply don't even try to help you in any way or even seem like they care about themselves or their job.

On this last visit, It took me a half hour to pay for a pair of socks for my boys. But no one cared. Not one person working in that store lifted a finger to help another employee that was having problems handling the line at her register, or to do anything to show that they were concerned that their service was so awful.

After I left the store, I asked some of the people in the area that I know what they thought about that store, and I received an explosion of comments showing clearly that many people feel the same way I do about this store. Yet it is still in business.

So I find it interesting that, like me, many people keep going back there simply for the convenience of not wanting to drive somewhere else.

Have you ever been faced with such bad customer service that you have decided never to go back to a store?

I have already warned my children that it is not worth the bad mood it will put me in to EVER go back to this store. I have decided that it will be much more worth the 15 minute drive to go to another store rather than reward this awful service by spending money there ever again.

It is so frustrating to me to work hard, try to budget wisely, and then pay for terrible shoping service.

I would love to hear your comments!