The tears are still fresh from Superstorm Sandy and now new ones flow over the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School. Just when we were beginning to put words to the tragedy of a superstorm, something happens that no words can ever describe. We have seen too much of the unthinkable happening before our eyes.

As details of this horrific story emerged and tears welled in our collective eyes, I wondered to myself what else could happen. The tragedy is so huge and the heartbreak so deep it seems to grip us all by the throat and just won't let go.

It's yet another reason to hold your family close this holiday season and let them know just how much they mean to you. And for some, it may be time to let go of old grudges and cherish each moment.

I'll tell you this, the last few months have tested us all, some much more than others. Hopefully, we can turn the calendar to a new year, and begin to heal in some way, knowing we will never forget the pain and hurt of the last few months of 2012.