For older dogs in animal shelters, there is sometimes very little hope of getting adopted, much less getting married! Here's something you can do to help.

Animal Fair Magazine's editor is looking for a fiance for her dog to take part in the Pet Wedding of the Century in July.

Voting ends on June 28th, and time is of the essence since a local dog is entered to marry Baby Hope Diamond, the lucky bride-to-be.

The Monmouth County SPCA believes that Sporty Spice, a senior adoptable at the shelter, would be the perfect mate for Baby Hope, but they need your votes in order for Sporty Spice to win! Go to and cast your vote right away!

For details on the upcoming nuptials, click here. The Monmouth County SPCA thinks that if Sporty wins he would be able to do so much with his new found fame for the senior adoptables in shelters everywhere. Sporty came in as a stray and is blind. How this poor guy could have been left to wander on his own until he was lucky enough to come to the MCSPCA is so sad.