The Molly Marie Angel Fund started at Bricktown Veterinary Hospital with an eight year old dog Molly (pictured) who had a tumor in her spine and required very expensive treatment the owners just couldn't afford. Bricktown Vet came up with the idea for the fund and Molly was able to get her treatment. Now, Tux needs your help.

Tux is an eight week old puppy who is suffering with pneumonia, severe intestinal parasites and has tested positive for parvo virus, which left untreated, is fatal. At Bricktown Vet, the staff worked around the clock caring for Tux. He has been transferred to Garden State Vet for 24 hour care.

Tux's owners have severe financial constraints and can not afford the 3 to 5 thousand dollars it will cost for Tux's care. The Molly Marie Angel Fund has already donated $1000, but now they need your help.

If you would like to make a donation to the Molly Marie Angel Fund to help Tux and his family, you can drop off your donation at Bricktown Veterinary Hospital, 251 Chambersbridge Rd. in Brick. Get all the info by clicking here. Thank you for helping Tux! Please share this with your friends.