This year's design was a replica of Manasquan High School, using 2,500 cans that will go to the Foodbank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties.

This very special 17- year old, Monica Murphy( a Junior at MHS) started CANsculptures in the fifth grade at Spring Lake Heights Elementary school after visiting the Foodbank in the springtime and becoming so upset over the empty shelves. She learned that although so many people are generous over the holidays, food needs to be donated year-round because hunger doesn't stop.

This year's sculpture is made with cans of baked beans that, when donated, are nutrient dense and can be a meal.

Other students who helped build the sculpture: Emily, Margaret, Amy, JD, Sara, Meghan, Dana, Vanessa, Kayla, and Xander.

The sculpture will still be up today in case you'd like to bring your kids to see it after school, as an example of how even a school student can do their part to help those in need. On Thursday after school it will be disassembled and the cans sent to the Foodbank.

Can't wait to see next year's CANsculpture!