After my heart attack, exactly 8 months ago, it was a pretty cool to cross the finish line of my first 5K.

It was the first leg of the Meridian Heart and Sole Cup at Ocean Medical Center yesterday. My goal was just to finish, since I haven't raced in a race since my cross country days back in high school, and I did in a little under 35:00, which I was very proud of. I participated mostly to say thank you to the great staff at Ocean Medical Center for saving my life, but also to take the opportunity to remind everyone not to be afraid to get checked out by a doctor. I was, and it almost cost me dearly.

As is always the case, I was inspired by each and every participant in the race. Each had their own reasons for being there and there own personal challenges, and I found it all to be very inspiring. Congratulations to all the participants!

I'll be participating in the remaining two legs of the Meridian Heart and Sole Cup, and I can't wait. And all my training this summer will also go to great use at the Insane Inflatable 5K coming up in September. This event is going to be awesome! I'll be there and I hope you will too! Get all the details and registration info at the Insane Inflatable page!