Oprah remains on top of the Forbes Magazine rankings...but is there anyone else even close?

Oprah earned an estimated $165 million last year through her OWN cable network, on top of the billions that she already has in the bank. In fact, she is billed as America's only African-American billionaire.

Here are the ranking of the other top earning women in Hollywood....although none of them could come close to making Oprah's money in the past year:

#2: Britney Spears -- Took in $58 million from endorsements and touring.

#3: Taylor Swift -- Took in $57 million with a huge tour that grossed over $1 million per night.

#4: Ellen Degeneres -- Took in $53 million as Executive Producer of her daytime talk-show that averages 3 million viewers per episode.

#5: Rihanna -- Took in $53 million with a heavy touring schedule that included over 85 shows.

#6: Lady Gaga -- Took in $52 million and boasts 26 million Little Monsters on Twitter.

#7: Jennifer Lopez -- Took in $52 million from a successful fragrance and clothing line, plus her paycheck from judging on American Idol.

#8: Gisele Bundchen -- Took in $45 million as the world's most powerful supermodel.

#9: Katy Perry -- Took in $45 million from five #1 singles off the same album.

#10: Judge Judy -- Took in $45 million as the reigning "Queen of Syndicated Shows".