I miss the days when my boys had only a page of homework or a short list of spelling words. Now, with a sixth grader...I am FREAKING OUT!

It's scary knowing that if my middle schooler misses even one day of school, he is responsible for tracking down some other kid's notes and copying them himself...and that his homework is such a large part of his grade that even if he hands one in late he is already in trouble. So if I'm stressing, I can only imagine how frightened my pre-teen must be.

I stay at the table with him while he works, offering to help from time to time, just so he isn't alone for TWO HOURS on some days getting it all done.

So I don't know how much the following advice will help, but I will share this article I read just in case!

How to Change Your Child's View on Studying and Improve Their Study Habits:

1. Decide Together -- When setting up homework rules and schedules, include the kids in the decisions. This will make them feel that they are partly in control.

2. Relax -- During study sessions, give the kids 10 - 15 minutes to rest. It is always better to study at a steady pace so that the kids don't feel wiped out. (In my house, though, once the boys leave the table, they are likely not going to come back anytime soon!)

3. Connect to Real Life -- It's important that, from the start, kids realize school is not just about earning awards. Instead, it is about getting ready for real life, so apply the lessons they are learning in real life. (The only way that will work is if I give my kids MONEY to count...and then let them keep it!)

4. Play -- Besides memorizing and doing math, creative thinking is very important. Nurture your child's creativity by being creative yourself and encouraging creative games and activities. (What burnt-out mom has time for THAT?!)

5. Reward Good Work -- Maybe the most important part of the deal. The rewards do not need to be extravagant, but they do need to be there. For example, 30 minutes of extra tv or gaming time could be a nice bonus.

Yeah...GOOD LUCK...comment below on your child's homework situation and how you deal with it!