Many are torn on the effectiveness of red light safety cameras. After the suspension of ticketing for supposedly being "caught" running a red, a dramatic new video has surfaced. Fans of the red light camera programs say accidents like these are prevented when people know there's an eye in the sky.

This collision took place on June 29th at approximately 5:28 AM at the intersection of Locust Street and Westfield Avenue in Roselle Park, NJ. The driver who ran the red light was estimated to be doing between 55 and 60 mph.

Roselle Park Police Chief Paul Morrison said:

I want people to realize what can happen when someone runs a red light.

It's worth noting that the driver involved in this accident was driving under the influence.

Watch this video and tell us below if you think red light safety cameras are effective. Are they a quick money maker for towns or a resource to save lives?

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