For some of us, it's not too soon to think about what the kids will want for Christmas!

Toys R Us has come out with its annual "Hot Toy" list. It includes tablets for kids, fashion dolls in the likeness of One Direction, and even retro hits like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Furby!

This year, Toys R Us is introducing a "hot toy" reservation program. You can reserve any of the 50 toys on its list. The reservation system will run through the end of October. Toys must be reserved in stores and you have to put down 20% of the toy's cost.

The Hot Toy list has a mix of items that Toys are Us carries exclusively as well as toys available everywhere.

There's no indication yet of a runaway success like 2009's Zhu Zhu pets or last year's Leapfrog Leappad tablet. Which one do you think it will be? I think it's the Wii U!

Here are the top 15 toys on their list. The complete list of 50 can be found at

1. Doc McStuffins Time For Your Check Up Doll by Just Play, based on the Disney Jr. show character.

2. Furby by Hasbro. An update on the hit 1998 furry interactive toy robot.

3. Gelarti Designer Studio by Moose Toys. A sticker set that lets kids paint and customize reusable stickers.

4. Hot Wheels R/C Terrain Twister by Mattel. A radio-controlled car that takes on all terrains.

5. Jake and the Never Land Pirates Jake's Musical Pirate Ship Bucky by Mattel's Fisher-Price. The ship from the Disney Jr. animated series.

6. Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Stars Harmony B. Sharp by MGA Entertainment. A version of the popular button-eyed doll that talks and sings.

7. Leappad2 Explorer by Leapfrog. The latest from Leapfrog's kids tablet with a faster processor and more memory.

8. Micro Chargers Timetrack by Moose Toys. A miniature car racing track set.

9. Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Secret Sewer Lair Playset by Playmates. A 42-inch playset that recreates TMNT's lair.

10. Ninjago Epic Dragon Battle by Lego Systems. A ninja-themed lego board game.

11. One Direction Collector Dolls by Hasbro. Dolls of each of the five members of One Direction.

12. Skylanders Giants Starter Pack by Activision Publishing. A sequel to Skylanders Spyro's Adventure that combines real-life action figures with a video game.

13. Tabeo by Tosy R Us. Toys R Us' own tablet with enhanced safety features and 50 preloaded apps.

14. Wii U by Nintendo. Nintendo's new two-screen gaming console.

15. Y Volution Fliker F1 Flow Series Scooter by Atomic Sports. A 3-wheeled scooter that is self-propelled by the rider's movement.