As I sit here on another cold morning of Winter 2014 I started to wonder if The Farmers' Almanac predicted this wicked winter in New Jersey.

So I did a little research and found out that they did get some stuff right. When it came to January, they used phrases like, " clear, but very cold conditions for the rest of January", which of course is pretty true, but could also be true for any January. They called for snow in early January, and that happened. of course it did, right?

As for February, they were worried about a major storm that could impact the Superbowl. That didn't happen, but it did snow the day after the big game, so it didn't miss by much. The Farmers' Almanac also said, "Most of the rest of February will be characterized by punishing weather". Ya think?

So that leaves us with March. I found the words I dreaded. " Things will remain frigid and unsettled through the spring equinox, with wintry conditions continuing past the start of the new season". I think I speak for everyone in New Jersey when I say that better be wrong. That better be very wrong.