A Brooklyn man has spent $60,000 in lawyer fees to try and get custody of his dog Knuckles (not pictured) , who is in California with the man's ex-girlfriend.

I also know of a man who has an old, large dog that doesn't meet the requirements of the apartment complexes or homeowner's associations where he's tried to rent. Now he's got to decide whether to give up his best friend in order to find a place to live.

Some say these decisions are easy. That you do whatever it takes to keep your beloved pet who is a member of your family, no matter the price you have to pay, be it where you live or how it affects your finances.

Others say there are some times in your life where you simply can't put your pet first. I have heard many tragic stories of families not being able to afford to take their pet to a hospital when it is sick, or moms who give birth to a baby who is allergic, and they have to give up the cat they have adored for so many years.

There are also those animal activists who are fighting to get apartments complexes and homeowners associations to allow residents to have pets...no matter the size...without being punished by having to put down large deposits or pay higher rents.

In fact, the Monmouth County SPCA has evidence that pet owners more often make better, more responsible, long-term tenants.

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