Gas prices at the Jersey Shore have been in the three dollar range for a while, but it looks like the 2's are in our future!

We've been feeling this kind of pain at the pump to the point where gas prices three dollars plus are a second thought. Luckily, gas prices in the U.S. fell more than 5 cents over the past two weeks, according to the latest data from the Lundberg Survey. That means gas prices have dropping a total of 24 cents a gallon over the past six weeks. The average nationwide price of a gallon of regular gas is now $3.24. The publishers of the survey say unemployment has pushed demand down, with prices following.

I saw $2.97 a gallon gas at the new Wawa in Ocean Twp. is a cool resourse to see where you can fill up for less. At last check, here's where you can find the the cheapest fuel in Monmouth county:

  • $2.91 - Delta in Freehold
  • $2.87 - Costco in Marlboro
Have you seen decent gas prices at The Jersey Shore? Let us know about them in the comments section below.