Lots of people dread Mondays. A new survey not only proves the Monday Blues exist, but offers the cure.

According to the new survey, Monday mornings are so depressing for workers that very few people even crack a smile until just before noon. In fact, the average time for the first Monday smile is 11:16 am.

Half of those surveyed admit they are most likely to be late for work on a Monday because of the struggle to get up and out the door after the weekend.

Most of those surveyed say they only manage about three-and-a-half hours of actual productive work  at their jobs on Mondays.

And when workers aren't late or wasting time at thier desks, they are likely complaining. The survey finds employees spend an average of twelve minutes on Mondays complaining about the fact that it's Monday.

So what's the cure for the Monday Blues? According to the survey, its chocolate, online shopping, or planning a vacation!