Some people are lucky enough to get to stay in the same home for many years. Others of us have had to move more than once. But in February? In the snow and freezing rain? Not so much fun. Share your moving experiences and tips with us!

As many Sandy victims are all too well aware of, housing has been hard to come by since the superstorm. And for some, it has meant more than one move and disruption to our kids' lives.

Add to that the usual stress of moving: transferring addresses, utilities, packing, lifting, hauling, cleaning, putting together and breaking down boxes, squeezing heavy furniture through doorways, etc. etc. Especially right after a car accident when you are still battered and bruised! And then getting the boys settled in a new could all be overwhelming...unless you come across some amazing friends that offer to help.

Although it may look from this picture like Ray isn't working very hard, he did an extremely good deed, along with others, to help me move in the middle of a freezing cold winter day filled with icy rain and snow.

And Ray did it with a smile and laughter. Also coming to my rescue, Frank, who was supposed to just drive the truck and ended up doing some crazy heavy lifting.

And then there's Dana from Squan Strong, who put together all of this awesome help and went above and beyond to help me and my kids. Dana got the truck, the volunteers, and was a cheering section and energy booster on what could have been a very awful day.

(photo by Dana Connelly)

And, as if that wasn't enough, she had another crew of guardian angels go back and clean the place I moved out of! So thank you also to Joaneileen, Judi, and Diane for giving up your free tiime to do something with a smile on their faces that I don't think I could have done as well or been so happy about, for sure!

(Photo by Dana Connelly, this and above include Frank, Joaneileen, Dana, Judi, and Diane)

The next time you hear that a friend has to move, there are things big and little that go a long way toward keeping those families from stressing at a very trying time in their lives. That said, I would also like to thank Robin, Mike, Dorothy, Jenny, Jenn, and Chris for all of the good deeds they did, from donating furniture to heavy lifting, to boxing up my kitchen to setting up my new kitchen to paying for pizza to fixing broken doors to just the backbreaking labor and time you all offered me.  I am forever grateful. Also a great touch was receiving a welcoming fruit and chocolate delivery and visits from friends and family with little housewarming gifts, warm meals, and company to make our little house feel like a home!

You all inspire me to give more of myself to others in need and to spread the love!