With all of the holiday parties and events you have lined up, here are some tips to avoid being tagged in what you consider to be a horrible photo of yourself!

1. Unlease your innter ballerina. Don't slouch or you will look like a block. Think tall and long, as if a thread is running through your center, out of your head, and tugging you upward.

2. Keep your chin up. Bring your chin away from your neck or you'll wind up seeing two! Meanwhile, look at the camera for a half-second longer than you should to keep your eyes bright, and lift your facial sag by pushing your tongue into the roof of your mouth.

3. Whittle your waist. Resist the urge to cross your arms or put them down to your side, which will just add width to that part of your body. Instead, place one hand on your hip and push your elbows back.

4. Get on the right angle. Turn one hip away from the camera, bring your shoulders back toward it to slim your derrier and naturally pull in your tummy.

5. Trim your hips. Create an S-curve with your body by crossing one thing in front of the other, putting all your weight on the back foot then kicking out the front heel.

6. Sit up straight. Put your knees together, suck in your stomach, sit up straight, and cross your ankles.

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