So...if you were less than impressed with your Facebook Look Back video, you can now make it better. Kind of.

Facebook has added an 'edit' button to the Look Back page, letting you select which posts and photos will be a part of your video.

However, it only lets you select photos from a certain range, so you might still get stuck with some shots of what's-his-face from '09.


When you go to, you'll see your original video. Now, above the video, next to the giant green button that says, 'Share Your Movie,' there's now a handy button that says edit.

Click it, and you'll be able to choose the photos and status updates you want to use. (Note that there are likely at least two pages worth of images for each section of the video! There are little left and right arrows in line with each section header.)


When you're done, click 'Update' or 'Share Your Movie' at the top of the page and you're good to go!

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