I take part in a program called "Art Appreciation" at my boys' elementary school. And although we get serious with the artists we teach about, yesterday's presentation hit a high note for the kids.

This particular presentation was about abstract art and cubism. The third graders really got into trying their hand at creating drawings and cut-outs of their self-portraits. They've enjoyed learning about artists such as Monet, Calder, Van Gogh, Picasso, and so many more through the years.

But sometimes it's simply the little things that the kids get such a kick out of.

After a long school day and a serious art lesson, I brought in what I called 'snack art'. The boys and girls got to create an abstract cubism design.....out of geometric shapes.....and then eat their art. They got the biggest kick out of it. After all that drawing and coloring and cutting and pasting here was finally something they could create and then snack on.

Try it at home during snack time and see what great edible projects your kids can come up with!