Here we go again with advice from those that think they know better.

If you want to wake up in the morning bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to start the day, instead of groggy and wishing for a few extra hours of sleep, experts say you should follow these tips to help you wake up with a little more spring in your step:

-- Make your mornings social. Start the day out with a trip to the gym or walking/running with a friend. Or whatever you do, surround yourself with people in the morning to get yourself out of your morning funk. (Does stopping at a convenience store for a cup of coffee and saying 'thank you' to the cashier count?)

-- Use an alarm clock sound that you won't hate hearing. Waking up to a sound you hate can put you in a bad mood. Instead, pick a sound that is 'pleasing' to your ears so you don't wake up irritated. (When you find that sound, please let me know!)

-- Go to sleep when you're tired. This way you get a good night's sleep - rather than forcing yourself to go to bed early when you aren't tired yet. (Maybe there's something to this one. Because when I try to force myself to go to sleep earlier, I lie in bed angry that I can't fall asleep! In either case, though, I DON'T GET ENOUGH SLEEP!)


Good luck with this. If this actually works for anyone.....I want to hear about it!