Experts have offered some advice on how to make yourself look taller. When you're 5'2" like I am, that's something that gets your attention.

When I dug into the story reported on, I found it was women fashion experts with advice for women. Nothing to help me there, but I figured it may halp you, so I'll share some of the experts' advice.

Fashion experts say one way to look taller is by  wearing V neck shirts. They make your neck seem longer and therefore give the impression that you're taller.

Another trick is to choose smaller prints. The experts say that "giant patterns will overwhelm a small figure".So when you choose a print, keep the design on the smaller side.

Another hint is to choose clothing with vertical stripes. They will lengthen your figure and therefore make you seem taller.

One way to not look taller, and this applies to men and women, is to take a picture with former NY Giants tight end Kevin Boss like I did. All the vertical stripes, small prints and V necks in the world won't help you then.