I joined Grandpa Dom for dinner last night, and along with some fabulous homemade baked ziti and meatballs, pesto stuffed chicken, and fresh sliced mango...I scooped up another hilarious life lesson.

While showing me the 'Save the Date' card for an upcoming wedding, he asked me what day the wedding was. I told him it was on a Friday, to which he said, 'I guess that's the new thing...it's cheaper that way.'

He wasn't done.

'All the money they spent on that card, they could have just used that for the wedding! You wind up paying the caterers!'

He's not wrong. Then came the kind of advice that only Grandpa can give:

Save the money on your wedding and put a down payment on a house. Have a football wedding!

'What's a football wedding?' I ask him.

Beer and sandwiches! Here...have a ham and cheese.'


We have plenty of time before I have to worry about any of that (You can stop sweating, Duzzy)...and though I don't think a 'football wedding' is quite my style, I must admit, Gramps has never steered me wrong.

Laurie Cataldo

Grandpa Dom is 93 years young, and after living most of his life in Brooklyn, has been living in Manalapan for nearly 20 years. He’s an Army vet, worked as a butcher for many years, then worked as a technician for the US Postal Service. A widower, a father of two, grandfather of four, great-grandfather of two…he’s the man.

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