It definitely isn't over yet! So how's your summer so far?

Now that the craziness and hustle and bustle of the summer tourist season is winding down, we can take a minute and look back at summer 2012 and rate it against other summers at the Jersey shore.

First, the weather. It was hot and it was humid. Hotter and more humid than usual I think, but hey, it's the Jersey shore. And the weather was pretty extreme at times. Nasty storms, like the one that caused damage to places like Freehold, seemed to be more frequent, or athe least the threat of them seemed to be around more often.

And how about the tourism? I haven't seen the complete numbers yet, but I really hope for our local businesses, that it was a great summer. The roadways seemed busy and there were a lot out out of state plates on the Parkway. Hope that those are good signs.

So what did you think?