Nine-year-old Golden retriever Duke was doing was golden retrievers do and chasing geese on Thursday. Duke's curiosity lead him onto an iced over pond in Howell. The ice broke and Duke was found struggling in the dangerously cold water.

Shortly after 1:30 p.m., Duke's owner spotted the dog in distress and called 911. Members of the Adelphia Fire Department didn't hesitate to jump into the frigid water to rescue the canine.

After two other attempts to reach the dog, a ladder was placed in the lake and firefighter William Kruse started making his way to Duke when the ice broke and Kruse fell into the water.

Jerry Wolkowitz

With the help of his fellow firefighters, Howell police and the township's Office of Emergency Management, Kruse and Duke emerged from the lake cold, but ok. First responders were standing by with blankets and hair dryers.

Howell Police say that Duke was taken to Garden State Veterinary Specialists as a precaution. APP report Howell First Aid treated firefighter William Kruse on the scene.

Jerry Wolkowitz

A big thank you to the brave men and women of Howell who risked their wellbeings to save Duke!

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