A Monmouth County soccer player and model is one of the contestants on CBS's reality show "Big Brother."

Cody Calafiore (photo: CBS)

23-year-old Cody Calafiore, a Howell native, is competing in a setting that would drive me mad. On "Big Brother," there are cameras and microphones following your every move, all day, everyday. There's no privacy. Plus, you have to live with strangers to boot!

The 16th season of the show kicked off on Wednesday and each week a member of the house is voted off. The last person standing wins $500,000.

Cody's family has followed the show from season one, but admit that it's a lot different when your flesh and blood is in the mix.

As fans of the show know, things in the house can get hairy and intense at any given time.

What is most difficult about being a part of the "Big Brother" is that you are completely shut from the outside world. His family says they miss him and find it awkward to only be able to see how he's doing once a week, not to mention on TV.

Cody played ball at Monmouth before an injury sidelined him. In the meantime he's been working as a salesman and part-time model.

Let's hope that Cody can bring home that half-a-million dollars back home to Howell. Keep track of his progress when "Big Brother" airs Wednesday, Thursday and Sundays at 8 on CBS.