I was sitting next to my wife yesterday while she was doing something on her phone. I looked down to see which picture of me she had as her background. We have this little tradition of having a cute picture of us on each other's phone (awwwwwww), only in this picture I look suspiciously like a 6 pound teacup yorkie.

The picture of course, is of Zeus, our dog, who officially has taken control of the house. The coup started when he decided my spot in bed was now his spot. When I sleep now, I have to twist my body into the shape of the letter "C" to work around him. He sleeps like a baby.  

The other day I was relaxing on the couch watching TV and he started barking. I thought he had to go outside, but when I got to the door he didn't follow me, so I sat down on the couch again. Just when I got comfortable, he started barking again. Diane looked over to me and said "You're  leaning on his pillow." His pillow?? Yep, because as my wife explained, it's on his side of the couch. His side??

Don't get me wrong, I love that dog. We all love our dogs, or cats, or whatever type of pet we have. We care for them, love them, feed them, and take them to the vet. But when we we sign over the house? When did we lose control? When we go to bed (in the shape of the letter "C") do they all pull out their cell phones and call each other to tell them how much more of the the house they've claimed? How long before I get home and my dog is sitting at the kitchen table holding the electric bill telling me I better start turning the lights off when I leave the room? 

Deep down, I love it, and wouldn't change a thing. He is pretty cute. But maybe, just maybe he'll allow Diane to put a picture of him AND me on her phone. If he does, I'll promise to stay away from his side of the couch.