If you tell a secret to a woman, it will only stay a secret for a very short time. Those are the results of a survey I found as reported at telegraph.co.uk.

The study concluded that women will share your "secret" with at least one other person in 47 hours and 15 minutes.40% of the women in the survey say they admit that they can not keep a secret, no matter how personal the details of the secret are. Comforting, right?

About 60% of the women say they tell someone not associated with the secret or the other person, so they feel they are still keeping the secret.

Sounds like this story needs some good news, so hear are a few things that might comfort you. The study was done in England, not the U.S. Also, 27% say they forget the secret they're told by the next day anyway. Let's hope they forget before they tell someone!