Jason Merritt, Getty Images

Is Johnny Depp's movie career winding down? Before you get mad at me, it was an article at msn.com, but it did bring up some interesting points.

Nobody is going to deny that Depp's Pirates Of The Caribbean raked in the cash, and a lot of it. Alice In Wonderland was also huge, but lately having Depp in a movie hasn't exactly been a lock for a big win at the box office. The Lone Ranger's disappointing weekend has the conversation about Depp's box office power going again.

As far as I'm concerned, I don't buy it. I think Depp still has the ability to have a huge box office smash at any time. Just the mention of his name or the flash of his smile still has girl's hearts pounding all over the world.

Plus he's an accomplished actor who isn't afraid to take an unusual role. As a matter of fact, he could have made millions just taking the obvious leading man/love interest parts, but he hasn't, and I respect him for that.

Critics however, are saying things like, "Is he an actor or somebody who is consistently doing a Keith Richards imitation"? That's clearly a shot at his constant roles that involve makeup. That doesn't seem fair, since I think those role choices are courageous on Depp's part.

And, although some experts have said The Lone Ranger was a box office flop, it still brought in almost $49 million. The production budget is estimated at $215 million.