Scott Olson, Getty Images

My wife Diane and I took some breaks from our Christmas decorating this past weekend because we didn't want to miss the spring weather. I had to stop pulling holiday decorations from the attic at one point because it was too hot up there. Now we start the week with two days in the 60's. I've been in New Jersey too long to think this is good sign for the upcoming winter weather. You know what I mean, right? So I checked the Farmers' Almanac.

It's actually not as bad as I thought, but despite me crossing my fingers and saying  'please, please, please' before reading it, winter is, in fact, going to happen. It looks like we're going to get 'much more' precipitation than normal, but it's going to be warmer than usual so more rain and wet snow. So, if you buy into the Farmers' Almanac predictions, we may get a break. Yea right! What kind of winter do you think we'll have?