We all think our dogs are the cutest, smartest dogs in the world, but is your dog among the smartest breeds in the world?

Vetstreet.com surveyed 122 vets to determine which breeds they thought were the top 5 smartest breeds of dog in the world. Of course, we all know that our dogs, no matter what breed, are smart enough to outsmart us, but were they smart enough to make the top 5?

Here's the list of Top 5 smartest dog breeds according to the vets surveyed by vetstreet.com:

(5) Golden Retriever

(4) Australian Shepherd

(3) Poodle

(2) German Shepherd

(1) Border Collie

Congratulations to those breeds, but no matter what kind of dog you have, don't be surprised if they're at home reading this right now. We'll probably never know just how smart they are. And maybe it's better that way. At least if we don't really know, we can still think we're in charge.