Is technology affecting our intelligence? Liz was doing some story about some expert saying we, as humans, are getting dumber. Oh, the expert worded it nicely, saying "human intelligence is on the decline", and blamed it on technology, but I think we all know that he meant.  I was offended by that. My intelligence is not on on the decline. Ask me any trivia question and, as long as I have my smartphone, I'll get it right. I don't need to remember directions, or anybody's phone number. Matter of fact I don't even have to dial. See? I'm smart!

Don't get me wrong, there are signs of declining intelligence all around us. Take for example the Garden State Parkway. We've all seen people pull some unbelievable moves. Moves that would back the "on the decline" theory. But that's them, not us, right?

I know the experts think smartphones and all the other technology is taking care of things for us so we're using our brains less. I think we are just able to use our brains on other things. What do you think?