As I continue to volunteer to help out at a summer camp for elementary school kids, I learned that sometimes the easiest, simplest games are the most fun.

I have spent so much of the past eleven years trying to come up with elaborate plans and games for my children, especially during summer vacation.

But yesterday, one of the counselors came up with the simplest of games that would have kept the boys and girls going for hours if we didn't need to move on to another activity.

Warning: if you do choose to try this game with your kids and their friends, be warned that to the neighbors it may seem like a reason to call 911!

So here's the game: Have the kids all stand side by side behind a chalk-drawn line, with enough arm room to run alongside each other.

Then tell them that on the count of three, they will take a deep breath and literally run screaming. When they run out of scream, they stop.

That's the game.

I don't know who had more fun. The girls or the boys. Although you'd think it would be right up a boy's alley to run and scream at the top of their lungs, it was the girls who 'won'! These girls screamed like they were at a One Direction concert! And were proud of it!

After doing it about a dozen times, they all left laughing... and exhausted.