Cat lovers far and wide will agree that hugging your cat is probably one of the simplest, yet happiest, things they can do.

I know, I know, dog lovers would say the same thing. But is a day for the cats!

We are the proud owners of a Maine Coone (that we rescued from the Monmouth County SPCA) and he is the best gift that I have ever given my kids. (He is pictured here with Christopher). This cat, and his sister, have turned our house into a home. Hugging Kisses and Wishes is the first and last thing my boys and I do to start and end each day.

There is nothing like a welcome home greeting from a warm purring ball of fur. So if you have been taking your cat for granted lately, go home and celebrate this 'holiday'!

(This blog is dedicated to all of those furry loved-ones we've lost....and to my dear friend who is hurting today after losing her 16 year old Maine Coone Samuel Norman Hess.)