I asked local elementary school and middle school students what they think peace means, and here's what they had to say:"Peace means happiness and no war", (Jack)

"Peace means no fighting and being calm", (Charly)

"Peace means love and no fighting!", (Shawn)

"Peace means bringing all of the soldiers home and no more war", (Xander)

"Peace means staying calm", (Tristan)

"Peace means freedom and happiness", (Samantha)

"Peace means no more war", (Tanner)

"Peace means harmony and freedom", (Tommy)

"Peace means going to school without fear of being bullied", (Sam and Nick)

"Peace means no yelling and fighting", (Natalie)

"Peace means being calm and peaceful", (Morgan)

"Peace for all mankind", (Ry)

I couldn't have said it better myself. Thanks for your wisdom, boys and girls, even at such a young age. Much love to you all.