The first day of October is the beginning of a month-long excuse to eat sausage! When and how do you like yours best?

When I think of sausage, the first thing that comes to mind is breakfast links with eggs or pancakes (I like my breakfast sausage covered in syrup!!!)...or a nice sausage patty on an egg sandwich.

But then I think of my grandma's HOT sausage that she would simmer in her 'gravy' (a.k.a tomato sauce) for hours on a Sunday until it was time for dinner and it brings back the smell of grandma's kitchen and being seven years old. What a warm and fuzzy feeling that memory is!

Of course, fans of the Jersey Shore boardwalks have the love of a good sausage and peppers sandwich...and my mouth is watering just thinking about that.

And then there are the fancy sausage samplings from around the world at some gourmet restaurants....some food lovers sample sausage the way wine drinkers go to their wine tastings!

What's your favorite type of sausage? Comment below.