The website Neighborhood Scout has compiled a list of communities in Jackson that are "safe" based on data they've collected.

While Jackson has a crime index of 76, which means the town is safer than 76% of U.S. cities, it broke down specific areas of Jackson that had higher violent and property crime rates.

Based on the free data available on this website, here are the 5 most dangerous neighborhoods in Jackson. Keep in mind this is intel from Neighborhood Scout and does not reflect my opinion of Jackson.

The purpose of this is to see if this site got it right. Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

5 - Town Center

Google Maps

4 - Bennetts Mills

Google Maps

3 - North County Line Rd / Jackson Mills Rd.

Google Maps

2 - Whitesville

Google Maps

This is the most dangerous neighborhood in Jackson according to Neighborhood Scout:

1 - South New Prospect Rd. / Bennetts Mills Rd.

Google Maps

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