Our very own Jacquie from Colts Neck who we have had on the air since she first auditioned for The Voice is now releasing her first single!

It was great to have Jacquie Lee back in our studios this morning. She has been so busy flying back and forth between Los Angeles and NYC to get her music career going after finishing second on The Voice last season. Turns out -- that was the best thing that could have happened to her!

Someone 'in the business' told us early on in Jacquie's days on The Voice that he hoped she WOULDN'T win...because then the show and the network would 'own' her and she'd never have the choices and freedom that she now has.

So Jacquie, her parents, and her close friends in the business have been able to surround her, protect her, and help her choose the very best people in the music and entertainment industry to help her on her way in the music business.

Jacquie's first single comes out May 15th, and we are so excited about it! In the meantime, by later today or by Monday, you will find out just where you can see Jacquie next....all I can say is that it's soon and it's big!

Jacquie is also going on tour with some of the other The Voice contestants...the first time that this show has created a concert tour similar to what American Idol has done. So Jacquie will have her first experience spending a whole lot of time on a tour bus (with Mama Lee joining her) and getting to see a good part of the country. She'll also get to sing at the Beacon Theatre in NYC on that tour!

We were so honored that Jacquie got to announce on our show this morning that she has signed with Atlantic Records! Our girl is on her way and we are so proud of her! And much of this is due to the loving and loyal following Jacquie received from all of you in Monmouth and Ocean Counties who voted for her on The Voice!

Christina Aguilera, who was Jacquie's mentor on The Voice, still keeps in touch with Jacquie, too!

Believe it or not, Jacquie is still only a Junior in high school and will still have her senior year of high school to complete. She is still planning on taking the SAT's and the ACT's and applying to colleges, even if she might have to defer for a year if her dreams of being a successful singer come true.

So be on the lookout for Jacquie's new song and help support the girl from Monmouth County that has a real shot at making it big!