I said it yesterday on the morning show. There were only winners last night on The Voice. And those contestants proved me 100% right.

Watching Colts Neck's Jacquie Lee during this incredible journey was nothing less than amazing. Her grace under pressure, her incredible talent, her supportive family and her great attitude are all further proof of what a true talent and true winner she is.

We were very proud to have Jacquie join us several times on the morning show, which was a real thrill for us, and now we really look forward to following and supporting Jacquie's career, which is literally just beginning.

When I think back on this competition, I can't help but thing of her will and determination, battling through an illness to deliver amazing performances. Even on the week when many questioned Christina's song choice for Jacquie, she simply walked on stage and nailed it. That's the sign of a true professional.

Now Jacquie gets to pursue a career that most can only dream of, and she does it knowing the world is completely aware of how talented she is. With her attitude, her abilities and the support of her awesome family and friends, the sky is the limit for the 16 year old from Colts Neck.

So thank you Jacquie for letting Monmouth and Ocean Counties join you on this incredible journey. And thank you for making us so proud. You have already accomplished what most can't even imagine, and we know that this accomplishment is only the tip of the iceberg for you. Jacquie, thanks for sharing your Voice with us!