Jacquie Lee's family last night on The Voice (NBC)

Jacquie Lee, the Colts Neck girl who has taken the world by storm with her incredible talent, has advanced to the final round on The Voice.

The celebration began seconds after Carson Daly delivered the good news. Whether or not Jacquie performed well enough this week was never really in question, at least not as far as I'm concerned, but anything can happen at this point with so many talented people on the show.

It was so good to see the joy on the faces of the Lee family, who waited patiently for the results in the studio audience. And it was wonderful to see the relief and happiness on Jacquie's face as she went to get a congratulatory hug from Christina Aguilera.

Christina congratulates Jacquie last night (NBC)

I believe that no matter what happens now, this has been a huge win for Jacquie and is only the very beginning of an amazing career, and I have thought that since she visited the morning show weeks ago.

So now, we all get ready for the finals of The Voice and know that, no matter what, the girl from Colts Neck has made us all so very proud!