From the category "Why Didn't I Think Of This" comes a new line of jeans from Wrangler.

The new Denim Spa jeans even come in three varieties:

Smooth Legs jeans also claim to fight cellulite! Ingredients include caffeine, algae and retinol.

Olive Oil Extract jeans are for moisturizing.

And Aloe Vera jeans are for sensitive skin.

Mick Jagger's daughter, model Lizzie Jagger (her mom is model Jerry Hall) has worn them already and says these jeans feel softer and smoother than regular jeans.

The NY Daily News says dry winter weather is one of their big selling points.

The jeans are specially treated to slowly release the moisturizers. But you shouldn't wash them 'unnecessarily.'

And if you need a mositure boost, they sell cans of spray to reload the product onto the fabric.

The jeans go on sale on the website January 28th.

Don't know how much they cost, but what a great idea!