It's that time of year, and Jenks in Point Pleasant Beach is ready to go with Buy One/Get One ride tickets...and they even have some of their Seaside attractions getting ready to open with half price tickets! Here are the details:

After spending most of the day at Jenkinson's on Monday, I am happy to report that it is reopen and ready to go!

The Jenkinson's Ride Ticket Sale for Point Beach are on sale for three days ONLY -- March 29. 30. and 31st from Noon - 6 p.m. either online or in person.  If you are headed down there to buy them in person, you can get them at a ticket stand in the amusement ride area, next to the aquarium, or next to the Boardwalk Bar & Grill...rain or shine. Cash or ceredit cards only (no checks.)

And, as you may know by now, ride tickets last forever, so what you don't use this year will be good for next!

And if you really want to go for it, you can purchase a Family Fun value pack and get 5 passes to the aquarium, mini goft and fun house for a discount.

While you're there, check out the beginnings of what's to be the Guinness World Record's largest sandcastle being built on the beach across from the aquarium! Find out how you can become part of the Bucket Brigade and help build "Sandy Castle"!

As for Jenkinson's Casino Pier in Seaside, there is some good news! Breakwater Beach and the Go Karts will be up and running this summer and you can purchase buy-one/get one tickets during their Easter Ticket Sale from March 28th - April 1st! Unfortunately, due to the Hurricane, ride tickets are not on sale at this time for Casino Pier.

(The Jenkinson's Point Pleasant ticket sale is completely separate from the Casino Pier ticket you have to go to both websites for your purchases.)