The Biggest Loser contestants inspire us season after season with the message that with a lot of heart, a lot of passion and some great can do anything you put your mind to.

Heba Salama was the Season Six Biggest Loser At-Home Winner (and the first female at-home winner) and since then has been very active in raising hope and awareness about her journey and helping others.

Now she will join a group of girls from NJ to try to scale Mount Kilimanjaro this fall to raise funds for charities.

Susan Belfer, Candice Harris Belfer, Linda Chorney, Jill Lauren Quaranta and Michelle Cicalese are calling their adventure "Out Of Jersey And Into Africa". They will start gathering support and funds April 18th at The Draft House on Brighton Avenue in Long Branch.

The kick-off party will announce the "documentareality" that will follow the women as they climb for a cause.

Tickets are $20. Attire is safari-chic.