Over the past few days, I couldn't go anywhere without seeing it, breathing it in, stepping in, or putting my hands in it. Pollen is everywhere.

I was watering some flowers yesterday and I looked down and there was a stream of florescent green running along my driveway. Then as I looked up, I felt the sneeze coming. It was the first of several sneezes, of course.

I went into the backyard and did some watering and the whole yard was covered. A thin coating of inconvenience covered everything. I immediately tried to rationalize it by saying to myself, "At least it isn't snow," but at least snow doesn't make me sneeze.

It's the tree pollen that's to blame. Tree pollen levels are expected to be high over the next three days at least. Weed, grass and mold pollen levels are expected to remain low over the same period.

So, if you are sneezing or sniffling, grab a tissue and let's hope it's over quickly.