Yesterday we were at the Brick IHOP for National Pancake Day and we were helping Lou and the crew there raise money for The Children's Miracle Network and Children's Specialized Hospital. There was a moment where I looked up and thought to myself..."I love the Jersey Shore".

The fact that I love the Jersey Shore is not breaking news, and the reason that feeling came over me yesterday is nothing new either, but it is definitely worth mentioning again. The Jersey Shore is home to the nicest, most generous, most resilient people in the world.

We have been made fun of, stereotyped and most recently stormed upon. We get made fun of on TV,we endure tired old jokes, brush them off and just go about our business of being the greatest place on Earth. We care for each other and are there whenever our neighbors need a hand.

We have been asked time and time again to reach into our pockets to help the many very worthy charities doing great work in our area, and we never say no. I love that about us. And yesterday was no different. One quick look around the Brick IHOP was all I needed to know that the generosity just keeps on coming! 

We'll get you details soon on just how much money you helped us raise yesterday, so check back!