A basketball coach from Jackson is arrested again for allegedly improperly touching a male teen. That story and more in today's Townsquare Media news headlines.

A basketball coach from Jackson has been arrested for a second time for allegedly improperly touching a male teen on his traveling team. Christopher Tarver also is charged with getting nude photos of the child in exchange for alcohol and pot, according to APP.com. He was suspended as Dunellen's recreation director.

Boating accident deaths continue falling nationwide, but not in NJ, where it's been remaining steady for several years. Since 2009 our state has consistently had around 8 deaths each year, according to the Townsquare News Network. Alcohol and not paying attention are the top contributors to boating accidents. Collisions with other boats, speeding, hitting shallow water, and flooding or capsizing are the leading causes of accidents and deaths on the water.

Two Lakewood homes had to be evacuated and Conrail suspended service overnight when police say a vehicle crashed into a parked car and a home on East County Line Road, rupturing a gas meter, according to the Townsquare News Network. No one was injured. Township resident Romeo Diaz Hernandez was issued ten tickets, including leaving the scene of an accident.

The Jackson Environmental Commission is supporting a letter urging the township zoning board to deny an application to build an all-girls Orthodox Jewish high school in a neighborhood on Cross Street. The group is concerned about possible water contamination.

You'll see lots of police at Midstreams Elementary in Brick Friday morning. Students and staffers will take part in a full evacuation drill guided by township Emergency Management officers. Parents and guardians have been notified.

Homes still too dilapidated from Sandy will be demolished as part of a program administered by the state. $15 million will go to the hardest hit communities. In Union Beach, even though nearly 300 homes were leveled by volunteers after the storm, they still have nearly a hundred homes that need to be torn down. Many of the homes need to be elevated but they are old so the only way to do that is to tear down and rebuild.

Police from around NJ will remember those who lost their lives in the line of duty. Police will gather at the Ocean Grove auditorium on Tuesday for the 30th annual statewide law enforcement memorial service, according to APP.com. The ceremony brings together our state's entire law enforcement community.