Several homes were carried away in the flood waters from Hurricane Sandy.

One house though didn't wash seemed to have disappeared. So where did it go?

Fox 5 reports that Nick Maria attempted to go back to his Ortley Beach summer home after the storm, and when he arrived, he discovered it was missing...and no one seemed to know where it went.

Apparently the home shifted off it's foundation and pushed against another home which wound up in the street, sandwiching a utility pole. The Department of Transportation demolished all structures that were unsafe or obstructing roadways. Structures like the house in question.

Unfortunately, they never let Maria know his home -- and possessions -- would be demolished.

It's unlikely though that he would have been allowed to enter the home to retrieve any items anyway, if it was deemed unsafe.

However, Maria claims he has a photo from a neighbor showing the house not blocking the street.

There have been some incredible and tragic stories in the wake of Sandy, it's hard to wrap your mind around the idea that a home could just basically vanish.

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